We are privileged to count more than 25,000 commercial customers worldwide and are growing that list every day. Businesses of all sizes and from all industry sectors rely on us for accurate, timely advice to help manage their energy expenditure. Join us today!

Our customer base is wide and varied with more than 25,000 businesses enrolled for service since 2002. Our customers come in all shapes and sizes and each one is important to us. We only receive compensation when a customer agrees to contract for supply, so how we treat our customers is of major consequence to our success. To date we have helped businesses from nearly every business sector, including:

• Services
• Retail
• Oil and Gas
• Information Technology
• Hospitality
• Government
• Manufacturing
• Banking and financial services
• Medical services
• Supply
• Logistics



Performing Arts Fort Worth, Inc.

Performing Arts Fort Worth is the ownership entity for Bass Performance Hall in Forth Worth, Texas. The operations consist of a theatre and entertainment precinct that uses approximately 5,000,000 kWh of electricity annually. They have had two contracts arranged with 2 different REPs through national1 Energy and are contracted through 2017.


Selectransportation Resources (Freightliner Trucks)

Selectransportation Resources (“STR”) owns and operates several large assembly, maintenance, and over-the-road truck sales facilities across Texas. The annual usage for their operations approaches million kWh. STR has been a customer of National1 Energy since 2009 and recently signed their second contract. Overall electricity savings since origination of their first contract has exceeded $500,000.


Hannis Operating

Hannis Operating is the leaseholder for several dozen oilwells spread across Texas. Mr. Hannis wanted to consolidate the confusion and chaos of multiple locations in multiple service areas receiving inconsistent fees and charges from multiple suppliers at differing meter read dates. National1 Energy worked with a single supplier to create a customized contract that simplified the billing process and reduced his rate on one easy to understand invoice.


Grandy’s Restaurants

Mr. Autry owns and operates several Grandy’s Restaurants in Texas. Every dollar counts in the hospitality industry and smart management of overheads like electricity shows directly on the monthly bottom line. With assistance and timely consulting from his National I Agent, Mr. Autry has made more funds available to create the friendly ambience in his stores and has recently signed his 9th contract through our firm.


Sadatco Inc dba Murphy’s Deli

Murphy’s Deli serves up great food and a fun environment made possible in part to the low priced electricity they have sourced through National1 Energy.

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