Commercial Services, Business to Business–Smart energy cost management starts with the right plan.

National1 Energy provides competitive electricity, natural gas, and energy management pricing solutions to Business Customers nationwide.

At National1Energy we do the work so you don’t have to. Our Commercial Energy Consultants come to your place of business to clearly define your electricity needs and formalize a procurement strategy. In that meeting, we analyze your electricity bill together and agree on a painless and straight forward process that makes electricity procurement simple. That decision making process may contain many, or all, of the following steps:


National1 will:

  • Review your electricity bill for most current rate and contract information.
  • Finalize a Letter of Authorization to precisely determine the electricity usage profile of your business.

  • Analyze the last 14 months of usage data that you or your staff may not have the time, desire, or expertise to analyze yourself.

  • Formalize a Procurement Strategy tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Prepare a formal Request for Quotation, including all pertinent information.
  • Send RFQ or pricing requests to the top Energy Companies in your market. (Approved Suppliers must meet our strict guidelines)

  • Analyze and evaluate the bids and recommend your best option.
  • Negotiate a contract with the winning bidder, with the best terms and conditions available in the marketplace on your behalf.

  • Ensure your contract is properly executed and implemented by the chosen Supplier.
  • Management of your Energy needs on an ongoing basis. Once you become a client, we contact you on a quarterly basis to review all of your accounts and be certain your contract still fits your user profile. Should an opportunity exist to renegotiate your rates, we will do so proactively! As a value add, our Commercial Energy Consultants will handle any and all matters related to your utility company… billing issues, address changes, location drops/adds etc. Call us and we will handle the rest.


Our Customers will:

  • Agree to the new preferred rate.
  • Agree to the length of term that suits best their need for price protection and budget planning.
  • Enjoy the Service and Ongoing Support.


As your agent and broker, each of our certified agents is committed to your satisfaction and makes the following promises;

  • To represent buyers of electricity, not sellers of electricity, to advise on the purchase of electricity on most favorable prices and terms.

  • To provide customized electricity savings analysis for your business.
  • To obtain quotes from several leading electric providers in your area.
  • To assist clients in negotiating and executing contracts.
  • To provide an outsourced capability for our clients to significantly lower cost and utilizing greater industry knowledge and expertise than our clients can achieve internally.

  • To provide these services to our clients without charging a fee – our fees are collected from the electricity providers directly without cost to our customers.

Call your local National1Energy Commercial Energy Consultant today to schedule your appointment, at no cost to you.

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